How to Upgrade dbt Versions (Mostly) Without Fear

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A couple of updates since I first wrote this:

Individual users can specify a custom version of dbt in their development environment

By setting a version override for your development environment, you can test an upgraded version of dbt early without impacting your colleagues in the same project.

This means you no longer need to create a second project for testing purposes :tada:

dbt Cloud is becoming versionless

dbt Core v1.7 is the final named version of dbt that will be selectable in dbt Cloud. In future, you’ll get the latest bugfixes and new functionality automatically, just like the other SaaS tools you use. (You will still be able to use project flags to opt into new and breaking changes where necessary).

Read all about it

To learn more about both options, check out the docs on Upgrading your dbt version in dbt Cloud.