I am a massive noob having trouble with models

The problem I’m having

I have created folders within folders with .yml, .md, and .sql files in each.
My ultimate objective is to have a pretty model flow chart to bring into my interview on Monday. I have merged everything to production ( this is just for an interview project, so the stakes are low).

I have a layer connecting my source files to my staging files ( this shows up in the model window ). but, I cannot get this same outcome for my other files or folders.

I keep getting this error message

" Lineage unavailable right now. Check that your project does not contain compilation errors or contact support if this error persists."

We probably need an example of you sql file.
Are you using the {{ ref()}} function in your from clause? To reference your staging models in the next layer?

Note: @Meagan Palmer (Altis) originally posted this reply in Slack. It might not have transferred perfectly.