I am supposed to pause custom .sql

The problem I’m having

When I execute dbt run command I get an error in the models/custom queries created by the .py script. This .py script is located out side of models in a custom scripts folder. These queries serve as data extractor.

I got the suggestion to pause data extractor, and delete views in Snowflake schema. I know how to delete the schema, but I do not understand what it means to pause data extractor.

Are there any suggestions how to pause data extractor, or at least a hint what it means.
How to stop custom queries from executing.

The context of why I’m trying to do this

I created my own query in models/transform that I need to commit and merge, but cannot do it as long as I have these errors on dbt run.

What I’ve already tried

When I delete a schema in Snowflake, first run is fully successful, every other run generates an error. I investigated what the error is, and know where to correct it, but the suggestion I get is that I should not mess with data extractor as it can lead to braking the model.

Did not try anything about pausing data extractor, as I do not understand what it means, and there are no searchable answers.

There is no reason to upload the code or error message, because I am not supposed to solve this, only pause data extractor.

Some example code or error messages

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It seems that in some cases, when developer gets new project with already built code, he does not need to run the whole project to commit and merge his change.
You only build model that you created and merge it, and other seem to belong to the people who created them. Do not try to solve problems in the whole project. Maybe they are not bugs, but features.

Oh thank you, it’s was very good to know.

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