I need to use Delete command to remove duplicate records and then load into final table DELETE FROM <Table1> USING <Table2> WHERE <Table2>.id = <Table2>.id;

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i need to delete the duplicate records before inserting into final table but i am not sure how to do that. can some one help

Have you already checked out the incremental strategies? DO they work for you?

If you can’t use incremental model, have you tried to use a pre-hook?

Hi Brunoszdl,

I have checked and implemented as well but the issue is we have delete statements in between of SQL statements for which we cant use Pre or Post hooks, so thats the reason i have posted the question

U can use run_query macro to execute a query on warehouse

{% do run_query('delete statement') %}

Whereever u have delete statements u use the runquery macro to execute delete statements on warehouse