Images in Assets directory not displayed in DBT Cloud Documentation

project yml contains

 asset-paths: ["assets"]

jpg or png files located in assets directory and referred to by a containing (very simplified version):

{% docs macro_display_image %}
{% raw %}
##display image
![image](/assets/image.jpg "Image")
{% endraw %}
{% enddocs %}

the yml file referring to the doc is displayed fine locally after

dbt docs generate
dbt docs serve

The problem appears in another environment on dbt cloud, where the image fails to display,
whereas all images located on web displayed correctly. I would appreciate if someone can suggest how to to use images saved in the directory to display on cloud. Thanks

@alezar did you find any solution yet? I am seeing the same issue. dbt docs generate / serve work fine locally, but not on server. Images are in assets directory and dbt_project.yml has asset-paths defined.

I’ve also encountered this issue. I’ve raised a support ticket, so will see if they come back with anything :crossed_fingers:

Note: @Peter originally posted this reply in Slack. It might not have transferred perfectly.