Including multiple 'column documentation file' content into another column documentation MD file

I hope this question was not asked. I could not find it in my searches in the forum.

The problem I’m having

I am not able to embed other column documentation into a main MD documentation file

The context of why I’m trying to do this

My base table contains important (for the work needed to be done) fields that are embedded in an suite of structs/arrays.
Eventually, I will have flatten those embedded structures so those important fields will be each in their own column.
I have created individual MD files to document each of those columns for the end result.
I would like for the base table to include that documentation in the structured column. So, instead of copy pasting each MD file into a big one (which defeats the whole purpose of reusability), I’m creating an MD file for that struct column and I want to be able to load the content of each of those separate MD files into that one so that, in our data exchange platform, all those single definitions are displayed together on the struct column.
This “include” should preferably be done at the MD file level and not the YML file. Otherwise, I will have to maintain several YML file instead of just a single MD file.

What I’ve already tried

I’ve played with different options in the MD file:

  • ‘{{ doc (“…”) }}’ from the YML file code
  • {% include … %}
  • ‘{% include … %}’

I’ve done web research (Google, ChatGPT, Perplexity (proposed the second option), …) and couldn’t find anything that could help.

Error messages

Running with dbt=1.3.0
Encountered an error:
no loader for this environment specified

If I just have a regular MD and YML file, it works fine so it is definitely what I’m trying to do with the MD that crashes the environment.

Thanks for your assistance.