Installation Error with Python 3.11.6 - dbt-snowflake==1.6.0

Hey dbt community,

I’m currently experiencing an issue while trying to install the dbt-snowflake package with Python 3.11.6. Specifically, I’m encountering the following error:

error messages

ERROR: No matching distribution found for dbt-snowflake==1.6.0

I’m not sure what’s causing this, and I would appreciate some guidance on how to resolve this issue. Here are some details about my environment:

  • Python version: 3.11.6
  • dbt version (if relevant): 1.6.2

I’ve tried to search for a solution online, but I haven’t been able to find a definitive answer. Has anyone else experienced this issue or have any insights on how to overcome it?

Here are some additional questions I have in mind:

  1. Is there a specific compatibility issue between dbt-snowflake==1.6.0 and Python 3.11.6?
  2. Are there any additional dependencies I should be aware of when installing dbt-snowflake?
  3. Is there a workaround or an alternative package that could be used in the meantime?

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Best regards,