Issue with saved_query export as table materialization

The problem I’m having / What I’ve already tried

Running into a SQL syntax error when trying to export a saved_query as a table, rather than a view.
When setting the configuration of the export with export_as: view, running dbt sl export --saved-query <query_name> runs successfully and the view is materialized in my data source.

Upon changing the config to export_as: table, an error is thrown:

Export failed with error:
INVALID_ARGUMENT: [FlightSQL] ERROR: syntax error at or near "TABLE"
  Position: 19 (InvalidArgument; Prepare)

Polling completed

The dbt exports are being run against our Redshift instance, and seems to be running into some kind of syntax error with this dialect of SQL from the export logic on the backend of dbt.

Connection type: redshift
dbt version: 1.7.0-latest

Hey @selle, hmm very strange the syntax looks correct to me. As a sanity check can you update the export config to make sure it conforms with the syntax below and try re-running?

      - name: new_customer_orders
          export_as:  table

@selle sorry after digging in we realized this is a bug with redshift! We’re working on a fix.

Thank you @jordan.stein !

Can you please point me in the direction of any existing bug fix PR / issue in GitHub so we can know when we’re able to start implementing these materializations?