Issue with Undefined schema in dbt adapter test execution


I’m currently working on writing an adapter to better understand dbt, following the guide provided here. I created the project using the scaffolding projects and added the basic tests as described in the guide.

However, when I try to execute the TestSimpleMaterializationsDataFusion test, I encounter the following error:

Invalid sources config given in models/schema.yml @ sources: {'name': 'raw', 'schema': Undefined, 'tables': [{'name': 'seed', 'identifier': 'base'}]} - at path ['schema']: Undefined is not valid under any of the given schemas

The generated “profiles.yml” file contains the test schema:

      database: test
      host: localhost
      schema: test17205288183901225367_test_basic
      type: sqladapter
  target: default

In the schema.yml file in the test, there is a variable target.schema that should be populated with the schema from the profile. Why am I getting Undefined instead?

I would appreciate any insights or suggestions to resolve this issue.

Thank you!