Let model's schema be considered during duplication check at compilation

During dbt compile, there is a model duplication check to be sure models aren’t stepping on top of each other causing me problems.

The pattern already set in the system we’re trying to bring dbt into delineates the stages of processing into different schemas. So, say we’re importing a raw dataset we’re calling “jaffles”, we’ll have a raw.jaffles table, a clean.jaffles table, and so on. Note “raw” and “clean” in this examples are different schemas.

This breaks the duplication check. No matter how I customize the schema names, or how I call ref(), the duplication check happens before touching any of that, notices we have two models named “jaffles”, ignores that they wouldn’t actually collide from being in different schemas, and throws an error.

Possibly I could customize how it solves for the paths it uses to check duplication to include schema? Possibly I could skip this check altogether? Help!