Lineage and Query Results blank in VS Code

The problem I am having is that Lineage is not being displayed in VS Code editor. I am pretty sure it did when I was playing with the Jaffle repo.

I have created a new project and all is working as expected. When I generate the docs and serve them, the lineage looks as I would expect on the documentation page, however there is no lineage in the editor. Looks blank like this :

I also have a similar problem, when I run some of the SQL I cannot preview the results. Nothing appears in the Query Results screen. The query runs on the database, it also runs and generates the table using dbt run.

Apologies in advance for these simple questions - but I am both new to vs code and dbt, and I am sure this was working. Any ideas



Just a heads up for others that encounter this issue. I shut down VS Code and created a new project, then went and opened the original project and viola, it works again - queries works and lineage works - so not sure of exact order - but try closing folder, shutdown vs code and reopen vs code and open folder with your project.