Load args data from run_results.json in an on_run_end hook

I am trying to write the data from the run_results.json into a table, I know that doing that for the results is possible without using the json file because they are available in the context of the on_run_end hooks.
My problem is that I am interested in the information saved under args in the run_results.json.
I already tried accessing it like it is possible with the run_results but this does not seem to be possible. Has anyone ever accessed this part of the run_results.json file in an on_run_end hook?
If it is relevant, I am using sqlserver and dbt-core.

u cannot access args field from run_results but u can access it using invocation_args_dict jinja variable

For the full set of information passed from the CLI—subcommand, flags, arguments—you can use invocation_args_dict. This is equivalent to the args dictionary in run_results.json.

use the invocation_args_dict in your on-run-end-macro and access the args

{% macro on_run_end_macro() %}

 {{ print(invocation_args_dict) }}

{% endmacro %}