Hi everyone,
is there anyway that I can exclude specific columns when I use materialisation = “incremental” and strategy= “merge” , I used the below Configs:
materialized = ‘incremental’,
incremental_strategy = ‘merge’,
unique_key = ‘key’,
ignore_columns= [‘key’]
when its come to filter the inserted columns and not the updated column,
If there is a configuration like merge_update_columns, for inserted column “merge_insert_columns”


@asimalsaeed Did you find any work around ?
I’m stuck with same issue.

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as of now there is no such feature, but u can create a custom incremental strategy for your use case

plz refer this for custom incremental strategy incremental model (Merge) without update - #3 by Surya

What about using the merge_exclude_columns ?
documentation here: merge_exclude_columns