Non stoping incremental query

I am fairly new to dbt

I have a dbt model that query a staging table (where the incremental works).
When I run the model without incremental it takes only a few seconds to finish and query 90K rows.
When I add the incremental part ( I added it below) it never stop running (more than 10 minutes ) as it is looking for the newest rows in the staging table.

The staging table comes from a partitionned external table from GCS.

WITH parsed_json AS (
        payload as json_data,
    FROM {{ ref("stg_table") }}
incremental_load AS (
    FROM parsed_json p
    {% if is_incremental() %}
        WHERE p.`date` > (SELECT MAX(`date`) FROM {{ this }})
    {% endif %}

--SELECT QUERIES FROM incremental_load 

Have you ever had this issue ?
Thanks in advance !