Not able to enable metric in dbt-cloud for Metric Store developement

Hi ,
I am using the latest dbt-cloud and trying to build a project where I am creating a metricstore. But I am not able to define the Metric Config either in dbt_project.yml or in a separate metric.yml. I am using the jaffle_shop dataset and following this github repository -for reference

In the dbt_project.yml I am enabling the metric like this :

+enabled: true

However it says this property is not allowed.

in the metric.yml in another folder in my project tree this is what I am doing with the same error message

version: 2


  • name: revenue
    label: Revenue
    model: ref(‘fct_orders’)
    description: “The total revenue of our jaffle business”

calculation_method: sum
expression: amount

timestamp: order_date
time_grains: [day, week, month, year]


  • customer_status
  • had_credit_card_payment
  • had_coupon_payment
  • had_bank_transfer_payment
  • had_gift_card_payment


  • field: status
    operator: ‘=’
    value: “‘completed’”

In the package.yml this is my content -


  • package: dbt-labs/metrics
    version: 0.3.5

If you notice , some of the lines are highlighted in my yaml file , when you hover on it it says the parameters are not allowed.


Need help on how to resolve this issue ? How can I enable metric or metricflow on dbt-cloud to create metrics ?