pass date as string from airflow to dbt run

Hi Team,
I am trying to pass few parameters from airflow to script of dbt run command
like model name and run date both are string
model name is picked up fine but looks like date is not picked by dbt run… its not loading data in the table
however the hardcoding of date value works
below are the thing I have tried

#dbt run --models $MODEL --vars ‘run_date: $RUN_DATE’ --not working
#dbt run --select +MLOP_SP_FEAT_ATTR_SYNC_CICD_dbt --vars ‘{“run_date”:“2023-06-07”}’ --working
#dbt run --select +$MODEL --vars ‘{run_date:$RUN_DATE}’ --not working
#dbt run --select +$MODEL --vars ‘{“run_date”:“2023-06-07”}’ --working
#dbt run --select +$MODEL --vars ‘{“run_date”:“$RUN_DATE”}’ --not working
dbt run --select +$MODEL --vars ‘{“key”: “value”, “run_date”: “2023-06-07”}’ --working
dbt run --select +$MODEL --vars ‘{“key”: “value”, “run_date”: $RUN_DATE}’ – not working

This is date is passed from airflow
k8s.V1EnvVar(name=“RUN_DATE”, value=“2023-06-07”),
k8s.V1EnvVar(name=“MODEL”, value=“MLOP_SP_FEAT_ATTR_SYNC_CICD_dbt”)