Platform specific configuration settings not working in yml file

The problem I’m having

I’m using BigQuery as data warehouse. I would like to put all my models configuration in a yml file. I’m trying to add partition and clustering config for my model but it’s not working.

Do platform specific configuration settings like partition and clustering have to be set up in a config tag specifically or is there a way to include them in my yml file? Also if someone has the technical explanations behind this or would like to share any best practice please do so.

I know that the configuration settings of the partition must be a dict, Am I configuring my yml the wrong way?

  - name: model_name
    description: blablabla
      materialized: table
      partition by:
        field: "date"
        data_type: "date"
        granularity: "day"
      cluster by: 'field_name'
      tags: ['report']
        relation: true
        columns: true