Possibility to apply filter for each tests in all incremental models

The context of why I’m trying to do this

I’m building some incremental models which share same time column to get new rows.
When I run the model every day, I only want to test new rows and skip history rows.
Is there a way that I can config globally that filter out history rows for incremental models?
So I can define once, instead of duplicate the config for every single test in incremetnal models.

What I’ve already tried

Add where config for every tests which end with a lot of duplication.

Some example code or error messages

      - name: is_new
          - dbt_expectations.expect_column_to_exist
          - not_null:
                where: "event_date = current_date"
          - accepted_values:
              values: [true, false]
              quote: false
                  where: "event_date = current_date"