Post_Hook - macro with inside_transaction set to False


I am putting together a POC using dbt at work.

We are a bit stuck at the moment tbh and wondering if there are pointers someone here can give us.

We are looking to call a few macros within the post_hook that works well

{{- config(
  post_hook = [macro1(), macro2()]
) -}}

Macro2 needs to be outside of the transaction as it refers to the model being created and this is causing issues in the first run. I attempted to try it out like below but that didn’t really work

post_hook = after_commit(macro2())

However, calling by changing to plain sql worked

post_hook = {"sql": "insert into table from {{ this }}", "transaction": False}

This got me looking into the dbt project on Github, where I see

{% macro make_hook_config(sql, inside_transaction) %}
    {{ tojson({"sql": sql, "transaction": inside_transaction}) }}
{% endmacro %}

{% macro after_commit(sql) %}
    {{ make_hook_config(sql, inside_transaction=False) }}
{% endmacro %}

Does this mean I can only call sql statements within after_commit? Is there any way I can set transaction per macro level since my post_hook looks so - post_hook = [macro1(), macro2()]?

Appreciate your help, thanks.