Preliminary steps towards Data Quality Reporting with dbt

Hi Folks,

Just sharing our new contribution to the community: the dbt_dataquality package

Opening this topic to get your thoughts and feedback! Please be kind, this is our first "meaningful’ package released to the community that might be useful (we think)

One of the key features is helping with the categorisation of tests in a generic manner so you can report against them in a way that is more intuitive and relevant to the business (see the radar chart down below)

Other than that, it provides a summary of dbt source freshness (this is already covered quite well in dbt Cloud anyway) and it does a similar thing for dbt tests

We are keen to hear your thoughts!



This is great. Did you consider leveraging dbt_artifacts artifacts? e.g. if I already load artifacts that way leveraging the same files for DQ reporting

Hi there! Yes, we did consider using dbt_artifacts; however, during that time they were going through some MAJOR changes in the logic of their package: code and behaviour. In the future, there might be some opportunities on this area