Problems of table names conversion by dbt

I use dbt snapshot and dbt models to create tables, and use tableau to visualize the data. The problem is after some hours, the table name will automatically change to schema.tablename_dbt_backup and schema.tablename_ dbt_tmp. snapshots and models run normally and create tables with no problem. But every day at some point dbt renames tables and appends “dbt_temp” or “dbt_backup” at the end of the table name,and that messes up our BI because it is looking for a table that no longer exists. Anyone knows why this happens and how to solve it? Thank you very much for your help.

for example, after running dbt, I can get cyang110.student table. After several hours, it becomes cyang110.student_dbt_backup and cyang110.student_dbt_tmp.

the config of my model is
{{ config(
) }}