Publish DBT docs to SharePoint?

Has anyone tried (with any success) to serve the DBT Documentation from SharePoint?

Our deployment is in Google GCP, with DBT running as a service in Kubernetes. While I could put up a Nginx container and serve from there, we have a requirement to secure the documentation. And wile GCP has plenty of options to secure a site, it seems a bit overkill for our needs. Also given that our infrastructure is cloud based, I am reluctant to standup a webserver internally. Netlify is probably a non-starter too as getting management approval would be arduous. And we do have SharePoint.

The obvious approach of creating a document library and copying in the target directory did not work. When I attempt to open the index.html file the page paints, but in the content window all I see is a loading message, which never clears.

Since I am a database guy and not a portal person, any advice would be welcome, even if it is to not try since it won’t work. That way I can look to other solutions.