Query exceeded resource limits

The problem I’m having

I receive this message when trying to load the data from one of my models in dbt
Someone had a similar error or knows how to solve it?

The context of why I’m trying to do this

I’m trying to create a table based on other tow tables in my database (bigquery)

What I’ve already tried

Some example code or error messages

Query exceeded resource limits. This query used 133418 CPU seconds but would charge only 299M Analysis bytes. This exceeds the ratio supported by the on-demand pricing model. Please consider moving this workload to the flat-rate reservation pricing model, which does not have this limit. 133418 CPU seconds were used, and this query must use less than 76500 CPU seconds.

This is an issue with your query as opposed to dbt itself, you might find sql - Google BigQuery Query exceeded resource limits - Stack Overflow useful

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