quote in yaml file: issue : 'bool' object is not iterable

I`m working on a project that I will need to build tests for data coming from fivetran. table keeps track of all the deleted records are not still in snowflake schema since there are no records created. I want to create some test in dbt that will check on the table and accept only the values that have the deleted field (bool) as false

The script in Yml file is as it follows:

      - name: prod_table_DELETED
        identifier: table
        description: "the table that keeps the recorded records"
          - name: DELETED
            description: "the column if a record is deleted"
              - accepted_values:
                quote: false
                values: ['false']

run: dbt test --select prod_table

error: Encountered an error:
Compilation Error in test source_accepted_values_prod_table_DELETED__False__False (models/sources/prod/prod_1.yml)
‘bool’ object is not iterable

in macro test_accepted_values (tests/generic/builtin.sql)
called by test source_accepted_values_source_accepted_values_prod_table_DELETED__False__False