Run dbt tests (contracts), slim builds, and format checks via github action for CI/CD

Hey all!

I’m fairly new to dbt but wanted to setup some actions for our github repo to help our developers out.

Ideally, I’m looking for resources on actions or an action to run tests, run the “slim CI” build, and check the formatting (though maybe this is best done via a pre-commit hook?).

Some details about our instance:

  • We develop with dbt core locally, but our production instance is managed and maintained by Fivetran
  • This means we have some of the benefits of dbt Cloud when it comes to production orchestration, but Fivetran does not cover anything related to development or CI/CD

I’m somewhat familiar with github CI/CD via actions and service integrations like with CircleCI when it comes to Python repos.

I’ve found some resources, but I’ve found them either too specific to dbt Cloud or too out -of-date.

Here’s some of the resources I’ve found:
Get started with Continuous Integration tests | dbt Developer Hub - There’s some good info here, but the application is mostly specific to dbt Cloud
dbt action · Actions · GitHub Marketplace · GitHub - Seems like this could be used to both run tests and the slim CI build but there’s not as much info on how to use it as I’d like