Running dbt tests on sources in airflow

Hello, i’m trying to run dbt tests on sources in airflow. What i’ve tried is using DbtTaskGroup operator but it seems like it only runs the tests on models, is there a way to also use this operator for running tests on sources?

I want to run them on sources because i don’t want fo recreate every table in warehouse as model.

@batman_007 . You can create generic test and attach into source table.

for Eg:

  • Create generic folder under test and write your test SQL model.

  • data_count_check.sql

       {% test data_count_check(model, threshold) %}
       SELECT COUNT(*) AS raw_record_count 
         FROM {{ model }}
       HAVING raw_record_count> {{threshold}}
  • schema.yml file

            version: 2
              - name: raw_customer
                  - name: customer
                      - data_count_check:
                            - data_count_dq_check
                          severity: warn
                          threshold: 5
  • dbt test --select tag:data_count_dq_check

Hope this helps !!