Runtime Error: 'Lexer' object has no attribute '_SQL_REGEX'

We are seeing the below error intermittently, on multiple cloud jobs.

  Invoke dbt Command
dbt run --select +[redacted model name]

15:07:01  Running with dbt=1.6.9
15:07:02  Registered adapter: redshift=1.6.5
15:07:06  Found 3498 models, 7 snapshots, 1622 tests, 92 seeds, 1 operation, 2569 sources, 8 exposures, 0 metrics, 904 macros, 0 groups, 0 semantic models
15:07:07  Finished running  in 0 hours 0 minutes and 0.83 seconds (0.83s).
15:07:07  Encountered an error:
Runtime Error
  'Lexer' object has no attribute '_SQL_REGEX'

None of the related models are calling a regex function.
The error is difficult to reproduce ad-hoc. Rerunning the impacted jobs is usually successful.

Could this be an internal parsing issue within dbt core? Similar to this: