Seeds overwrites CSV file if outside directory containing yml files

The problem I’m having

We would like our Seed files for a project to be outside the directory for the dbt code that we are running, more specifically located in a data folder that is located in a directory above where the dbt code is stored.
ie. dbt → C:/projects/dbtProjectName/dbt
data → C:/projects/dbtProjectName/data

I have set the seed-path to equal the data directory.

executing a dbt seed runs fine, however the csv’s in the data location get overwritten with the following.

    truncate table SCHEMA.TABLE_NAME;
    -- dbt seed --
            insert all
            into SCHEMA.TABLE_NAME ("COL1", "COL3", "COL3") values(:p1,:p2,:p3)
            into SCHEMA.TABLE_NAME ("COL1", "COL3", "COL3") values(:p1,:p2,:p3)
            select * from dual		

Please note in the above example ‘SCHEMA’, ‘TABLE_NAME’ and ‘COL#’ are placeholders for the purposes of this question and DO contain actual values.

Do to these files being over written, subsequent commands such as dbt run fail.

This is the current config for the seed:

  - name: TABLE_NAME
      schema: "{{ env_var('SCHEMA') }}"
      quote_columns: true
      alias: SEED_NAME_OF_SEED
      full_refresh: true

I am currently using dbt-core=1.7.11
and dbt-oracle=1.7.3

Has anyone else run into this issue, there a config that I’m missing, or is this something that I would submit a bug for, and if so, would it be for dbt-oracle or dbt-core.