setting custom schema in dbt_project.yml

This is probably a really daft question, but I am trying to follow the instructions at (Custom schemas | dbt Developer Hub) to be able to set custom schema so that the models in one folder go to a different schema (which I am happy to be target_custom in the normal way).

If I put in an individual model, the following code creates a table in default_openair (which is what I want):
{{ config(schema=‘openair’) }}

But I’d like to be able to do this on batch for a number of files in the folder (yet to be created). I’ve created a dbt_project.yml which looks like this:

  • The arrow points to the file I am testing - this keeps showing up in just my ‘target’ schema (which is ‘default’).

  • 1 points to the project name - that was created by default, and when I try and change it causes an error.

  • 2 shows what I’ve tried - but I also have tried it without the ‘my_new_project’ bit of code.

In-case its helpful the code from dbt_project.yml is here:

# Name your project! Project names should contain only lowercase characters
# and underscores. A good package name should reflect your organization's
# name or the intended use of these models
name: 'my_new_project'
version: '1.0.0'
config-version: 2

# This setting configures which "profile" dbt uses for this project.
profile: 'default'

# These configurations specify where dbt should look for different types of files.
# The `source-paths` config, for example, states that models in this project can be
# found in the "models/" directory. You probably won't need to change these!
model-paths: ["models"]
analysis-paths: ["analyses"]
test-paths: ["tests"]
seed-paths: ["seeds"]
macro-paths: ["macros"]
snapshot-paths: ["snapshots"]

target-path: "target"  # directory which will store compiled SQL files
clean-targets:         # directories to be removed by `dbt clean`
  - "target"
  - "dbt_packages"

# Configuring models
# Full documentation:

# In this example config, we tell dbt to build all models in the example/ directory
# as tables. These settings can be overridden in the individual model files
# using the `{{ config(...) }}` macro.
        +schema: openair
    # Applies to all files under models/example/
      materialized: view

Apologies - I have done a search on the forum and couldn’t find the magic answer - but I’m sure I’m going to be kicking myself in a moment…



As an answer to my own question, if anyone else is looking in the future, it was because their were two sets of ‘my_new_project’ at the bottom of the dbt_projects.yml file (under model).

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