SLIM CI - modified.body behaviour

state:modified.body gives too many models in return.

The setup looks like follows. We have a github project where I get the state from, from production env.
On the different github project (only for testing cicd pipeline) we have a 1:1 copy from our production branch.
I am having github action running dbt ls --select state:modified.body state.modified.macro --state . (manifest.json downloaded from s3 in previous step).
It gives models that have raw_code excatly the same.
dbt-core version: 1.7.10
manifest version:11

Comparing production state with local state

Used GitHub - joellabes/dbt-manifest-differ: Diff two manifests to work out why something might have been considered modified for state purposes for that.
And that also gives the discrapancies on modified body, even though it has excatly the same raw_code.
Some of the models use macros from automate_dv but that shouldn’t matter for modified.body. These are also not target aware in any way. Any clues what I can check?