Tags models execution order

The problem I’m having

I have a set of models under a tag, let’s call it main. Now, some of these models I would like to run them after all the models in the main tag had run, so the idea is to remove them from the main tag and assign them the post-main tag.

Is there a way supported by dbt-core to force these two tags to be run one after the other (main → post-main)? And in dbt-cloud?

The context of why I’m trying to do this

I am using Dagster to trigger the model execution in BigQuery. The above can be achieved using Dagster but I am interested to know if this can be directly achieved with dbt-core, as I would like to reduce the interdependency between these two.
As far as I know, the --select tag:main tag:post-main doesn’t imply that the desired order will be followed.

Thank you.

Hi Jorge,

Unfortunately this is not possible using dbt directly. In order to run one set of models after another set of models, you would need to use two dbt run commands with different selectors.

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