{{ this }} is not properly resolved when used in the context of a config block

I’m having issues with {{ this }} variable being properly resolved when used in the config block. I’m using incremental_predicates config to add filtering expression into a MERGE statement in which I want to use max column value from target table, which is {{ this }}. However, in the context of config {{ this }} is being incorrectly resolved, it does not add a “schema suffix” that I declared in dbt_project.ymlSo basically {{ this }} is being resolved in two ways:

  • In the model itself - database.dbt_myuser_custom_suffix.table
  • In the config context - database.dbt_myuser.table

Below is the macro I’m using to insert an expression into incremental_predicates param in the config:

{% macro get_incremental_predicates_expr(target_update_col, late_data_interval) -%}
{% if overwrite_partition_start_date -%}
{% else -%}
DBT_INTERNAL_DEST.{{target_update_col}} >= DATE_TRUNC('DAY', (SELECT MAX({{ target_update_col }}) FROM {{ this }})::DATE) - INTERVAL '{{late_data_interval}}'
{% endif -%}
{% endmacro -%}

This makes MERGE statement to fail because it cannot find specified table. Any ideas how to resolve this?