Unable to connect OCI SQL Endpoint

The problem I’m having

Im trying to connect to an SQLEnpoint using dbt-spark’s ODBC connection, but couldn’t succeed

The context of why I’m trying to do this

What I’ve already tried

Tried with different configs, but I get

10:52:18  1 check failed:
10:52:18  dbt was unable to connect to the specified database.
The database returned the following error:

  >Runtime Error
  Database Error
    failed to connect

Some example code or error messages

      driver: /Library/simba/ocispark/lib/universal/libsparkodbc_sbu.dylib
      method: odbc
      host: <host>
      threads: 1
      schema: default
      type: spark
      user: admin
      password: admin
  target: dev

Error doesn’t have full info, any help appreciated.

Hi, I posted posted this which has more of a hack to get it working but you can explore. I’ve been working on creating a new adapter so that both SQL and python models work. But this might give you a quick experience. Leveraging dbt with OCI Dataflow: Supercharging Your Data Analytics Workflow on OCI | by David Allan | Jan, 2024 | Medium