Using snapshots while avoiding the meta-fields "dbt_scd_id", "dbt_valid_from", "dbt_valid_to"

I am using dbt snapshots with the check-strategy to transform data and fill a set of pre defined tables in my db. The structure of the database is set in a way that I do not have the “dbt_scd_id”, “dbt_valid_from” and “dbt_valid_to” in the table I am targeting, neither will those columns be needed in any way so there is no reason to have them. Since snapshots require these columns to be present I run into a bit of a problem that I have not managed to solve.
Does someone know of a way to get a snapshot to target a table that lacks these three fields?

How are you keeping track of which version of a snapshot row is the one to use for a given date, if you don’t collect these dates?

Could you add the columns to your existing table?

I don’t have enough context to fully answer your question, but perhaps you should consider an incremental model instead of snapshots.

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