using vars: more advanced samples

looking at var | dbt Developer Hub (
I cannot see samples of using it in a more advance way
ex I am using as

dbt build --select +mod1 +mod2    --vars 'id_list: 2050f83f-659d-646d, 4c9ce1fe-2047-e757-3448'

I want to add another one like ‘another_id_list:a,b’ but as 1 params
I think I can use a syntax like

dbt build --select +mod1 +mod2    --vars  {'id_list: 2050f83f-659d-646d, 4c9ce1fe-2047-e757-3448', 'another_id_list:a,b'} 

is it possible to use dictionaries as well ?
could you share some snippets/sample

Agreed, can you open an issue on the documentation site for this?

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