When DBT performs checks on column names using the definition in the model property yaml file

The problem I’m having

We have a model SQL file and a property YML file in our project with one incorrect column name defined in the YML file. However when we executed dbt run cli from local container, it didn’t error out but did throw exceptions while running the same in ECS task in AWS.

What could be the cause of it? or in which scenario dbt enforces column name validation? Thanks

The context of why I’m trying to do this

To find out the root cause of it and get it resolved

What I’ve already tried

  • making sure same dbt image is used in both envs
  • making sure same dbt cli is executed in both envs, i.e. dbt run

Some example code or error messages

model SQL file

  col_A, col_B
from {{ ref("source_name") }}

property YML file

version: 2
 - name: sample_model
    - name: col_A
    - name: col_C