when initial project, getting NonType error

Hi All,
when try to initial a new project, i am getting TypeError: ‘NoneType’ object is not iterable. but can not see too much details error message, anyone can help on this?

Hi @xzheng, can you paste here your dbt_project.yml? It can be a problem associated with this file

Thanks for the reply here, i just initial my project, now getting other error . any idea what would be the cause here? i download the below git, and installed, are those two git the same things?

Thanks again for the reply

check if you have git properly installed and configured

git --version

edit: just saw it is not recognizing the command, you ahve to add git to your path

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Thanks Sir, i believe after i restart the server, git is able to be recognized. now, facing another issue, when try to connect to bigquery database, showing below error. not sure if you happened used bigquery or now, wondering do we need to setup anything before dbt connect to the bigquery? thanks so much for the reply above, really appreciate it.


I thought when you installed dbt-bigquery it installed gcloud automatically, maybe I am wrong.

Try installing gcloud again then, pip/pip3 install --upgrade gcloud and adding it to PATH

Or try to install dbt-bigquery again