YAML Selectors: How to refresh intermediate models touched by multiple output models

I notice in the docs that it says:

exclude … is always applied last within its scope.

Let’s say I have the following lineage for an output model used by a Tableau report:

inventory --------------------->
int_products_enhanced --------->
                                 --> rpt_tableau
sales ------------------------->

And the following lineage used by my sales model:

int_products_enhanced ----->
stg_brick_mortar_sales ---->
                             ---> sales
stg_ecommerce_sales ------->

You’ll notice that int_products_enhanced is used in both transformations.
The sales model, along with all it’s parents, is a heavy model I want to exclude from hourly runs (because I run the sales model daily).

That said, because the lineage for the rpt_tableau model also directly references int_products_enhanced, I do want int_products_enhanced to be re-run when rpt_tableau and it’s parents are run.

Given that exclude selectors apply last and the following selectors.yml, int_products_enhanced doesn’t get re-run. Suggestions on how I could alter it so that it does get re-run due to it’s being directly referenced by rpt_tableau?

    - name: reporting_layer_refresh_excluding_daily_and_staging
          - method: fqn
            value: rpt_tableau
            parents: true
            children: false
          - exclude:
                - method: fqn
                  value: sales
                  parents: true
                  children: false