25001 Connection Error after long running build in Snowflake. dbt core 1.5.1

*** UPDATE: Upgraded to dbt 1.6.5 but the issue remains

The problem I’m having is that at the end of long build (1-1.5hrs) I’m getting inconsistent 250001 connection errors. The specific error is

250001: Could not connect to Snowflake backend after 1 attempt(s).Aborting

The models and tests that throw this error change each time, making this difficult to debug. 98% of the build succeeds. The same profile is used for the entirety of the build.

Anyone seen this behavior?

Were you able to figure this out? We are running in to the same issue and it’s super annoying.

lol…hi John E…it’s John L…this was my question! So apparently no one knows how to fix this super annoying issue.