Error 250001: Could not connect to Snowflake backend after 2 attempts

Hello, my dbt config was working fine and I had to change my database and suddenly I can’t connect to snowflake anymore

I tried to update python, dbt, install/unistall and create other env , I passed the exact same config to my colleague and he manage to connect. so it must be a issue that I have on my local machine but I can’t figure out where it comes from

Hi, I had this error and struggled for a long time. Try running a curl against your Snowflake URL.
For me it turns out I needed to remove my proxy from ALL_PROXY (but could be HTTP_PROXY or HTTPS_PROXY).

Well I have found the solution to my issue, apparently I had to connect to vpn of my company to make the connection works with snowflake via dbt even tho I was already at the office xd