Adding Snowflake Query Tag to DBT Test

Hi everyone,
I would like to kindly ask you about adding query tags to dbt tests.
Is there any way to add query tags for tests to project or schema yaml file? I have tried but I could not find a way for it.
I can modify some packages like dbt_utils.unique_combination_of_columns.combination_of_columns adding query tag statement. But if I use the schema tests in the yaml like below, where and how can I define the query tags for tests?


  • name: dim_customers
    • name: company
      • not_null
      • unique

I look forward to hear from you.


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Here is the documentation on query tags: Snowflake configurations | dbt Docs
You can set it at the folder level in dbt_project.yml file or at the model level at the top of a file in a config block. I don’t think you would define it at the test level, but if you added it to the model or folder level it would apply to tests within that folder or model.