Unused configuration paths

The problem I’m having

I have some SQL files in a “models\PROJECTNAME\Dashboards\DASHBOARD_ONE” folder and I would like to give them some tags using the dbt_projects.yml file. However, I always receive the “unused configuration paths” error.

The context of why I’m trying to do this

Assign some tags to some models with the goal to ultimately do the same with my csv files for the seeds.
dbt version = 1.4.1 (cannot upgrade further as there is an incompatibility with a Snowflake plugin)

What I’ve already tried

In the example below, the tag works for ALLPROJECTSFILES but not for DASHBOARD_ONE_TAG.

I have tried to parse the entire dbt project again, I controlled the indentation, I ran the files in the folder using the dbt run command, I have tried to change the tags to the models and the project, but nothing seems to work.
I also tried to debug it with GitHub Copilot, but it didn’t help me.

Some example code or error messages


version: '1.0.0'

config-version: 2

profile: 'default'

model-paths: ["models"]
analysis-paths: ["analysis"]
test-paths: ["tests"]
seed-paths: ["models"]
macro-paths: ["macros"]
snapshot-paths: ["snapshots"]

target-path: "target" 
  - "target"

        +tags: DASHBOARD_ONE_TAG

If you have any idea on how to get this fixed, it would be much appreciated!