Application name or UserAgent info to Snowflake.

The problem I’m having

When I connect to Snowflake using dbt to run macros, I want all those queries (and connection session) to have a particular tag refering my module/team name so that it is easy to see the usage and allocate budget to teams.

Snowflake Python module accepts ‘application’ parameter which we can use to set to our module/team name. However dbt - snowflake connector hard codes it to ‘dbt’. Is there a way we can update it so as to append my module name / overwrite default value in ‘application’ field ?
Link to DBT - Snowflake connector code

What I’ve already tried

I tried using ‘query_tag’ in profile.yml, but we really wanted to have our module/team names in Client Info for ease of filtering (as other non-dbt based teams are using same approach via JDBC/ODBC drivers).

Hello, any suggestions/alternatives to above problem ?