BigQuery job-labels bug -help!

The problem I’m having

I am trying to use the BigQuery job-labels to add query tracking in BigQuery in a way that the billing console can understand. When updating my dbt_project.yml to:

  job-label: True

The query includes the expected pre-pend comment with the basic header, but the job labels are not parsing correctly. The label that ends up in BigQuery is 'query_comment': '___-_set_comment_dict______-_____-_do_comment_dict_update______a' which appears to be a cropped string of the invocation functions.

What I’ve already tried

Creating a custom comment string is successful but not useful because it doesn’t allow for node-level details which is the entire point of this exercise for me.

  comment: '{"app":"dbt"}'
  job-label: True

Creating a custom comment by using a macro as described here did not generate a useful response and we were back to labels that indicated the macro name 'query_comment': '____query_comment____'. I tried several ways of parsing this macro including just returning the string from above with no success.

  comment: '{{ query_comment(node) }}'
  job-label: True

Any help would be appreciated. I am running the following:

  - installed: 1.6.0
  - bigquery: 1.6.0