Deploy labels/tags/meta configuration only

The problem I’m having

Working on data classification, I need to specify labels for BigQuery so the classification metadata makes its way to BigQuery tables and views (like level=CONFIDENTIAL, contains_pii=yes, etc. as mentioned in BigQuery configurations | dbt Developer Hub).

Is there a way to ONLY run that part and NOTHING ELSE?
i.e. not re-generate/update models, just the tags/labels/metadata stuff.
I’d like to run it from cli like:

dbt run-operation ...

What I’ve already tried

I can see where labels are taken into account in dbt-bigquery, from get_common_options (can’t put more than 2 links…) to the marco bigquery__create_table_as(can’t put more than 2 links…), and I’m guessing dbt-core will use it in get_create_table_as, but I don’t see which macro to call to only run that part.


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Updating metadata only would be fantastic!