Bringing documenation along from one DBT Project to another

We have two separate databases at the moment, one is OLTP and handles a lot of the ETL/New Data ingestion and the other is OLAP that only serves finalized, analytics datasets to business users that MAY originate from the OLTP.

In my mind, bringing across the dbt documentation from the OLTP across to the OLAP project makes the most sense to keep things in alignment and maintainable.

My current idea for the problem is to parse the OLTP manifests.json file for the “Description” nodes for each model that has been loaded to the OLAP and dynamically build a schema file that gets dropped into the OLAP dbt project. We have a CI/CD pipeline in place that would recognize the file change and auto deploy the new warehouse documentation relatively quickly.

I would be curious if anyone else has run into this scenario and what other solutions may exist to solve it.