Exporting DBT docs to some other tool

I’m very new to dbt so please excuse my limited knowledge.

I’m looking for ways to export dbt docs elsewhere.

I’ve just been through the dbt fundamentals course, and have a basic understanding of the dbt docs functionality.
I like very much the fact that dbt developers are able to provide context and docs to sources and models as they go along. But these are going to be from a technical perspective.

I’m looking into the possibility of exporting dbt docs into a more business-facing Business Glossary. This Business Glossary will allow the Business to put in the business context and definitions, and I’m hoping to allow the tech side to also put in the tech context and definitions. Having both sides hosted in one place will greatly help bring a common understanding to my organisation.

I’ve had a look at the dbt official documentation and can only see the option of generating a standalone dbt docs site. I tried looking at the API section and cannot find anything specific regarding the ability to export dbt docs.

Is there something already available that I can leverage?