Can DBT connect to BigQuery using Workload Identity?

I use dbt BigQuery, I use the regular process of using a Service Account JSON file to establish the connection. I don’t seem to find a way to connect by using GCP Workload Identity.
Workload Identity uses the underlying Service Account in the cluster, without the need of passing a JSON File.

We are hosting a VM running dbt, and my company is migrating to using Workload Identity as a standard for all services connecting to GCP.

This is how I set up my connection in the profiles.yml; which works, but requires a JSON file for my Service Account Key:

      type: bigquery
      method: service-account
      keyfile: "{{ env_var('GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS') }}"
      project: "{{ var('gcp_project') }}"
      dataset: "{{ env_var('DATASET_PREFIX') }}_"
      threads: 4
      timeout_seconds: 300
      location: US
      priority: interactive