Can DBT connect to BigQuery using Workload Identity?

I use dbt BigQuery, I use the regular process of using a Service Account JSON file to establish the connection. I don’t seem to find a way to connect by using GCP Workload Identity.
Workload Identity uses the underlying Service Account in the cluster, without the need of passing a JSON File.

We are hosting a VM running dbt, and my company is migrating to using Workload Identity as a standard for all services connecting to GCP.

This is how I set up my connection in the profiles.yml; which works, but requires a JSON file for my Service Account Key:

      type: bigquery
      method: service-account
      keyfile: "{{ env_var('GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS') }}"
      project: "{{ var('gcp_project') }}"
      dataset: "{{ env_var('DATASET_PREFIX') }}_"
      threads: 4
      timeout_seconds: 300
      location: US
      priority: interactive

Hey @ilmancino if you look at this thread, @charles-astra writes that you simply set the method to oauth and authentication will happen with the service account automatically.
How to run dbt on Cloud Composer and authenticate the service account - Help - dbt Community Forum (