Can dbt specify run order of some model?

Hi, everyone:

I have a dbt project, and some models. The project can run properly. But one model is huge, it cause some other models run at the same time goes wrong(5 threads used). Can I specify the run order of models, so when this model run, others are waiting. Or the model run thread can be specified per model.


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Does --modelsand --threads can be used to config it?

The command dbt run --models +my-model --threads 1 is used to run whole project, and set thread to 1 when my-model running, it’s right?

I test on it. This method doesn’t work.

check this About ref function | dbt Developer Hub . If you make the proper references, the flow should execute in order, first the dependencies and then the final code

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Sorry for delay reply.
This model is one of some beginning stages, and uses lots of comput resource. When I set thread more than 1, then the parallel jobs may fail; When I set the thread to 1, all the models run one by one, that will cause a long run time. So I want to run this model first using 1 thread, then others as usual.
If the thread config can be applied to a model, all thing will be great!

You could try force a dependency via a comment in the other models?

– Depends on: {{ ref(‘The Long Running Model’) }}

This will affect lineage, therefore (presumably) build order.


thanks, janine.rawnsley.
I search the docs,but cant find the config block. Where can I perform this config?
If it works, it’ll be the simplest and most directly way.
Thanks again.

Found it! I’ll try!
Thanks again.

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