Can I put multiple test queries inside a single test file?

I’m looking to have multiple test queries in a single test file so that I can skip the tedious task of creating lots of test files for similar tests (all calling the same macro). Is this possible? I’ve tried delimiting queries with a semicolon, and that didn’t work. union all isn’t a great solution either - it’s messy.

I was able to run tests from a single yaml file, but not a single sql file.

  - name: model_name_1
      - test_X: { page: "'one", hide: "'abc'" }
      - test_X: { page: "'one'", hide: "'xyz'" }

and in tests/generic/.sql

{% test test_X(model, column_name, page, hide) %}
<sql query>
{% endtest %}

With this approach dbt test --select test_X won’t work since test_X gets renamed to something weird. dbt test works though…